Friday, October 16, 2020

We all go through those funky weeks where we seem to lose our phone every 5 minutes, or misplace something that we are holding right in our hands. Often times, it is the items that we use the most that end up getting misplaced the most often. In the case of home and car keys, this is an inconvenient and stressful predicament. That is why finding a locksmith that you trust to be professional and diligent is so important. 

Here a few key ways one can trust that they are always finding a reliable locksmith:

When you first begin looking into locksmiths, provide a clear explanation for the work that you need done. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the answering service, for they will most likely be skilled and knowledgeable, and will be able to help you out! Steer clear from ambiguous language. Ask precisely what will need to be done and what products will be provided for the service. Becoming knowledgeable yourself will ensure that you are not taken advantage of. With Abbot Houston Locksmith, the costumer is always provided with a detailed description of the work that will be done, BEFORE the technician begins cutting and drilling.

What is it exactly that will be done, and do they describe their services clearly and unambiguously?

When a service is provided, we want to trust that we are getting what we paid for. Before we accept a service and hand over our hard earned dollars, we want to understand what it is that is being done. For example, let's say you simply need a new deadbolt for your door. The service provider on the phone did not ask you any follow up questions, and was a bit unclear as to the labor that would be provided. The job, you thought, would be simple enough, but all of a sudden this simple job turns into double the time you were told, and the price is tripled from the one you were quoted on the phone. The work has been done and now the technician is threatening to call the police for his or her compensation. 

Here is how to avoid this uncomfortable situation:

Do your research!

Ask the office you are calling to provide you with price quotes for the products, labor costs, and costs for time, and see that they align with the price being given by the technician. Be sure that the technician has gone over all aspects of the service before the work is done, and then reviews them with you after the service has been provided.

Double check!

Last but not least, before the service provider has even left the area, check and see if the job has been done to your standards, that it is functioning properly with all the key copies or codes that the technician has provided, and that the area has been left clean and neat. Lastly, before you process the payment, ask the technician to review his or her work one last time in order to ensure that the work has been done thoroughly and correctly. Do not be shy to ask how something works, or if anything else is needed! They are there to assist you. 

Once you feel that you are satisfied and everything has been done as described (or better!), be sure to leave a good review for the company, as this will support the business and let the company office know that their technicians and answering services have done a job well done. Then hold on to their business card for later use, building a relationship with a reliable locksmith company, such as Abbot Houston Locksmith, will ensure that the next time you seem to be having a funky week, you know immediately who to call, and what to expect!



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