Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Jackson Corporation is one of many manufacturers that Abbot Houston Locksmith trusts for door accessories, as well as door closing and exit devices! Often times these parts require durable quality, stainless steel and aluminum. For high traffic points, for instance, Jackson push pad concealed vertical rod devices are designed for narrow, medium and wide stile aluminum, wood or hollow metal doors. The crossbars are Duronotic and Aluminum finished and can be cut to exact length if needed. Wear points are coated with nylon sleeves, ensuring the long lasting life of your exit device. 

Abbot Houston Locksmith will not hesitate to go out and check their work, or the work of others, and provide any services that may complete the security and durability of the device. Exit devices should work smoothly and simply, with no resistance or stickiness. Technicians are also able to take care of the mechanical components ofmManual, hydraulic door controls. 

Ensure the safety of your warehouse and company building by trusting Abbot Houston Locksmith with product distribution and installation! Our time and labor are valuable to us, as we know they are for you, so let our managing-answering service know if there are any questions you may need answered, and that you and Abbott Houston Locksmith are in agreement before agreeing to send a technician out to do the work!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

 Abbot Houston Locksmith is featuring Jackson corporation hinges, door stops, closers and accessories, suitable for doors from 30'' to 48'' wide to meet ADA opening force requirements with floor mounted pivot included for 1-1/2'' deep bottom rail, and 3/16'' height adjustment. It is adjustable in a range of sizes from 1 through 4, allowing the spring power to be set for ADA handicap barrier free opening force requirements, as well as provide door control for a wide range of door types and sizes.

Jackson also offers concave rubber bumpers which avoid damage to locks with projecting buttons, packed with wood screw and plastic anchors. Constructed in heavy-duty cast brass and special retainer cups that make rubber tamper resistant. 

Friday, January 22, 2021

 With the weekend upon us, Abbot Houston Locksmith would like to remind our clients that our company guarantees integral, quality, and honest work. Our manager and technicians are as honest and transparent about pricing and quality of product as required by the state law, and more importantly, by the virtues of the company owner Linda Wilson. Our team includes master technicians Michael, James, Leon and Imad, with Camila Wilson assisting the owner and manager in public relations and company management. 

Featured Products for today include access controls by ASSA ABLOY including key pads, remote and wireless transmitter exit devices, and magnetic locks. These include the 1200LBS Magnetic Lock for double or single door, and magnetic lock bracket and electric strikes for mounting and filler plates. Push devices provided for all types of exit device needs.

Thank you, on behalf of your team at Abbot Houston Locksmith!

-Camila Wilson

Thursday, January 21, 2021

 Abbot Houston Locksmith hopes that this week has been one full of peace and harmony, in remembrance of the late, great Martin Luther King, Jr. Established in Atlanta, GA in 1993, Abbot Houston Locksmith feels closely related to the history and culture that was founded by the Civil Rights Movement and Freedom Fighters of that era. This spirit still lingers in the historical monuments dedicated to the struggle for equality, as well as in each and every individual striving for greatness and success, and in those whose ancestries are directly linked to the pre-Civil War era. 

The spirit of hope and determination still endures, and Abbot Houston locksmith has, and always will, be a non-discriminative company. Abbot Houston Locksmith embraces diversity, and has helped a number of political figures, commercial operations, and local celebrities in Atlanta, as well as in Houston, to provide the utmost, respectful services, regardless of race, identification, or ethnicity.  Security and equal treatment is a God given right for all Americans, and citizens of the world. Our technicians come from all over the world, and have seen locks that date back 500 years. We take pride, and have passion in the work that we do, and how we provide that service is no different.

Featured product for today: KABA Push-button Locks and Accessories. These self-powered electronic locks do not require battery and other power sources. The lock generates its own power with every turn of the lever. No wires are necessary, and it holds up to 100 user codes. The most recent 1,000 events are recorded in memory, including use of the key override. Software is required to view audit events, and the locks are programmed via keypad or with optional software. - Shlage key override.

Thank you for continuing the progressive movement towards equality and representation for all, from your team at Abbot Houston Locksmith. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Facility managers are working hard to rapidly upgrade the security of our schools, according to HES Innovations, featured in our distributor HL Flake's Commercial/Access Control Catalog. HES Innovations offers reliable solutions that are designed for fast and convenient installation. 

For affordable access control and lockdown capability, Abbot Houston Locksmiths recommends using HES electric strikes with existing door hardware on perimeter doors, lobby entrances, administrative offices, storage rooms, nurse's offices and book stores to quickly secure k-12 environments. 

HES 1006 is the strongest, most versatile and reliable electric strike on the market. 

HES 8500 is the fire rated, concealed electric strikes for mortise locksets that installs with little or no modification to the frame. 

HES 9600 is the surface mounted and windstorm rated solution for rim exit devices with an existing exit device.

HES K100-621 is the wireless cabinet lock for easy-to-install access control with audit trail.

Call Abbot Houston Locksmith and schedule an appointment with our office manager to review HL Flake's Commercial/Access Control Catalogs and ask any questions that you may have for your next major security project. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

With any installation, Abbot Houston Locksmith provides the highest quality service from beginning to end. Technicians will evaluate the integrity of the entire structure and recommend upgrades if he or she sees that it will improve the quality of security. 

Abbot Houston Locksmith has used the reliable Hager Companies for many years for door parts ranging from latch protectors to door guards. Provided in an assortment of finishes and best accompanied by added security such as the Heger Degree Door Viewer are designed for durability and easy installation. Our highly trained technicians will be there and complete with the upgrades and installations in as little a two hours!  

In every way, Abbot Houston Locksmith strives for reliability and heavy-duty results in security. Call us today and receive a quote for your next security upgrade project!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

 Living in a rent property or apartment complex? No problem! To increase your security, Abbot Houston Locksmith trusts Entry Armor for door guards, viewers and flip locks, suited for wood and metal doors, and extra long screws included with order. 

Entry Armor offers polished brass and chrome finish, for preferences or requirements in style by home and property owners. View finder provided clear, scratch proof lenses, and water proof to endure any climate for doors 1-3/8" to 2" thick.

Entry Armor also provides adapter plates and filler plates to cover wood damage or old marks around the lock.

Abbot Houston Locksmith's installation and technician team will answer any and all questions, and will ensure work is done to property/deed standards. 

Monday, January 11, 2021

 Abbot Houston Locksmith is a nondiscriminatory company. Both client and hired personnel are given equal opportunity and showed equal respect. Abbot Houston Locksmith is fully supportive when it comes to helping business and residential locations accommodate for persons with disabilities.

Abbot Houston Locksmith trusts Locknetics for access control hardware and electromagnetic push plates. With their rectangular-narrow or round stainless steel handicap push plates, Locknetics ensures durable and flexible hardware that can also accommodate rim exit devices, and that will last. Locknetics RS series of surface mounts and electric rim strikes are available to accommodate rim exit devices with a 1/2'' or 3/4'' throw pullman latchbolt and multiple spacers, included for superior installation.

Locknetics also offers timer-buzzer rectifiers for strikes w/ surge protection, as well as magnetic touch bars, touch switches with programmable timer, and touchless infrared sensor switches. 

Abbot Houston Locksmith is dedicated to providing the top of the line security systems for entry and exit devices, and Abbot Houston trusts Locknetics for superior quality. 

For digital keypads and emergency resettable breaks, as well as concealed desk/counter exit buttons, Locknetics provides top-of-the-line hardware for businesses of every kind. Abbot Houston Locksmith ensures that our personnel are well-trained for questions of any kind, as well as adaptable for any installation needs. 

Thank you for trusting Abbot Houston Locksmith with your security and hardware needs! 

Friday, January 8, 2021

Abbot Houston Locksmith makes sure that the products we use for basic-access control, or code control, installations are of the highest, and affordable quality. Heavy duty chrome plating in IEI'S Design Series Keypad is harsh-environmental resistant. The aluminum and bronze finish provides a stylish and professional appearance for any entry way.

From mechanical to electronic devices, Abbot Houston Locksmith trusts that IEI keypads will suit access control needs for both residential and commercial buildings. Offering standard and Mullion style (with built-in door bell features) for indoor and outdoor installations, IEI also offers waterproof and LED lit operation lights, as well as have their electronics conformal coated during the manufacturing process to provide increased application flexibility. 

IEI also offers Proxpoint Card readers that are HID compatible, and wireless handheld transmitters normally used as a "panic button" in security systems. It can also be used in many remote switching applications where a portable transmitter is required.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

 Whether for large or small residential areas, Abbot Houston locksmith offers panic hardware by Keedex.

 Door Guards and Weldable Gate Boxes ensure that forced entry is not possible, as well as being designed to protect against impact damage such as carts, forklifts, or vehicles. These can be used with levers, knobs, panic hardware, and more- including electric strike boxes!

All of our technicians are trained in installation and customization to fit your needs! Coming in Aluminum or Oil Rubbed Bronze, these professional finishes provide style as well as increased security and repair for doors that have already been attacked.  

Call Abbot Houston Locksmith and speak with our costumer representative for details and availability. 

God bless, and have a great weekend!

 Welcoming ourselves into the New Year, we want to ensure that the security for those we love is up to par! 

The safety of our children, our belongings, and our sensitive information is not to be overlooked, therefore when it comes to the devices we use for our doorlocks, Abbot Houston Locksmith trusts Corbin Russwin when it comes to all exit device trims, door closers, and knobsets! Including Series 1 and 2, these Knob sets are perfect for office filing rooms, mail rooms, and document storage with its deadlocking latchbolt functions and turn button locks, remaining open on the inside lock to ensure no accidents are made! Grade 2 offers locking using push and turn buttons, and keys are required every time for entry. 

With the lever set, classroom functions ensure that the exit is always guaranteed, and while entry is required with keys. 

Each set comes in both Silver Aluminum & Dark Bronze, allowing for a professional, yet stylish, look.

Beginning the New Year right by having confidence in each decision you make! Know that Abbot Houston Locksmith will fulfill all and any security needs, honesty & quality guaranteed. Call us at 832-516-9454. 

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