Thursday, January 7, 2021

 Welcoming ourselves into the New Year, we want to ensure that the security for those we love is up to par! 

The safety of our children, our belongings, and our sensitive information is not to be overlooked, therefore when it comes to the devices we use for our doorlocks, Abbot Houston Locksmith trusts Corbin Russwin when it comes to all exit device trims, door closers, and knobsets! Including Series 1 and 2, these Knob sets are perfect for office filing rooms, mail rooms, and document storage with its deadlocking latchbolt functions and turn button locks, remaining open on the inside lock to ensure no accidents are made! Grade 2 offers locking using push and turn buttons, and keys are required every time for entry. 

With the lever set, classroom functions ensure that the exit is always guaranteed, and while entry is required with keys. 

Each set comes in both Silver Aluminum & Dark Bronze, allowing for a professional, yet stylish, look.

Beginning the New Year right by having confidence in each decision you make! Know that Abbot Houston Locksmith will fulfill all and any security needs, honesty & quality guaranteed. Call us at 832-516-9454. 

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