Monday, January 11, 2021

 Abbot Houston Locksmith is a nondiscriminatory company. Both client and hired personnel are given equal opportunity and showed equal respect. Abbot Houston Locksmith is fully supportive when it comes to helping business and residential locations accommodate for persons with disabilities.

Abbot Houston Locksmith trusts Locknetics for access control hardware and electromagnetic push plates. With their rectangular-narrow or round stainless steel handicap push plates, Locknetics ensures durable and flexible hardware that can also accommodate rim exit devices, and that will last. Locknetics RS series of surface mounts and electric rim strikes are available to accommodate rim exit devices with a 1/2'' or 3/4'' throw pullman latchbolt and multiple spacers, included for superior installation.

Locknetics also offers timer-buzzer rectifiers for strikes w/ surge protection, as well as magnetic touch bars, touch switches with programmable timer, and touchless infrared sensor switches. 

Abbot Houston Locksmith is dedicated to providing the top of the line security systems for entry and exit devices, and Abbot Houston trusts Locknetics for superior quality. 

For digital keypads and emergency resettable breaks, as well as concealed desk/counter exit buttons, Locknetics provides top-of-the-line hardware for businesses of every kind. Abbot Houston Locksmith ensures that our personnel are well-trained for questions of any kind, as well as adaptable for any installation needs. 

Thank you for trusting Abbot Houston Locksmith with your security and hardware needs! 

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