Thursday, January 21, 2021

 Abbot Houston Locksmith hopes that this week has been one full of peace and harmony, in remembrance of the late, great Martin Luther King, Jr. Established in Atlanta, GA in 1993, Abbot Houston Locksmith feels closely related to the history and culture that was founded by the Civil Rights Movement and Freedom Fighters of that era. This spirit still lingers in the historical monuments dedicated to the struggle for equality, as well as in each and every individual striving for greatness and success, and in those whose ancestries are directly linked to the pre-Civil War era. 

The spirit of hope and determination still endures, and Abbot Houston locksmith has, and always will, be a non-discriminative company. Abbot Houston Locksmith embraces diversity, and has helped a number of political figures, commercial operations, and local celebrities in Atlanta, as well as in Houston, to provide the utmost, respectful services, regardless of race, identification, or ethnicity.  Security and equal treatment is a God given right for all Americans, and citizens of the world. Our technicians come from all over the world, and have seen locks that date back 500 years. We take pride, and have passion in the work that we do, and how we provide that service is no different.

Featured product for today: KABA Push-button Locks and Accessories. These self-powered electronic locks do not require battery and other power sources. The lock generates its own power with every turn of the lever. No wires are necessary, and it holds up to 100 user codes. The most recent 1,000 events are recorded in memory, including use of the key override. Software is required to view audit events, and the locks are programmed via keypad or with optional software. - Shlage key override.

Thank you for continuing the progressive movement towards equality and representation for all, from your team at Abbot Houston Locksmith. 

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