Saturday, February 6, 2021

 Car openings are easy with Abbot Houston Locksmith! Our technicians are careful and well-trained in the technique of car door opening, and with reliable tools from H.L. Flake Security Hardware, we are certain that no challenge is beyond our ability. Each of our technicians are equipped with original air wedges and nonmarring, easy-pry wedge tools as to ensure no damage will be done to the car. With rubber coated opening kits, each of our technicians are ready for any type of car door lock! 

We are quick to serve, and reliable in price and service. You will never be given a price quote on the phone by our answering services, then be told something different once the technician is on scene and the work is done. Honesty is our number one policy at Abbot Houston Locksmith.

James Wilson is the youngest of our technicians, and at 22 years of age James represents what our company here at Abbot Houston Locksmith is all about! By the principles he lives by, he provides the same in quality service and customer care. As he often says, "If there's ever an issue with anything, I am here to help however I can."

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