Saturday, February 6, 2021

 Often times people prefer to keep business and beliefs of faith separate, however here at Abbot Houston Locksmith we embrace our unified love for God! Our company is secular and neutral, as we accept and recognize, as well as encourage, each individual's right to their own freedom of spiritual expression. Abbot Houston Locksmith is proud to say that we are an interfaith business, with technicians of the Christian, Agnostic, Jewish, Buddhist, Middle Eastern and Universal faiths! Abbot Houston Locksmith's policies reflect our accountability to God, and in this way we guarantee that our work and services will always be provided to the highest standards, because we believe in what we do.

Feel free to call us for any security and emergency needs, or even for a quick prayer! Our answering service would be more than happy to share a few words of hope. Abbot Houston Locksmith is a proud, American owned business and as such, we honor our freedom to express our love for God and hold that right dearly to our hearts! It is in our hopes that we can serve our community, and our clientele, in a trustworthy and admirable manner. 

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